Dentures require the same amount of care and upkeep as your natural teeth. It is important to continue brushing daily and attending regular visits with the dentists in order to keep your dentures in top shape. This will also ensure that your mouth’s soft tissues will be kept healthy and free from irritation and infections.

Denture Cleaning Tips

  • Brush and rinse your dentures after every meal.
  • Soak your dentures in denture solution overnight (this also gives your gums time to breathe).
  • Use soap and water, a denture paste or cream, or a slightly abrasive toothpaste to brush your dentures.
  • Always hold your dentures gently to avoid displacing a tooth.
  • Do not use highly abrasive dental pastes or chemicals and don’t brush vigorously with hard-bristled toothbrushes if you wish to avoid scratches or cracks in your dentures.
  • Do not use hot water to clean your dentures. Hot water can warp and damage a denture. Instead, use cool or tepid water.
  • Use a denture solution such as Polident or Efferdent to soak your dentures in overnight. Remember to rinse the dentures before putting them back in your mouth!
  • Use a separate toothbrush for your natural teeth, or a soft washcloth to wipe your gums.
  • Always attend your regular appointments with the dentist. The dentist will use ultrasonic tools to remove any harmful substance from your dentures.