Gum recession is the process where the tissue that surrounds the teeth wears down towards the end of the root, which exposes more of the tooth.  Gums that have receded and exposed the tooth root can eventually cause tooth loss if not treated.  For patients with receding gum lines, it may be necessary to receive a gum graft.

Before the procedure starts, the periodontist will apply a local anesthetic to numb the areas involved.  Depending on how severe the gum recession is, the doctor will remove tissue from either the roof of the mouth (palate) or the gum near the tooth that needs repair.  The tissue is then sewn into place over the exposed tooth root.  The procedure usually only takes one visit and, unless you were given a sedative to help you relax, you will be able to drive home following your visit.

At the conclusion of the procedure, you will be given instructions regarding what to eat and how to care for your teeth in the following weeks.  If you have any questions or want to schedule your gum graft procedure today, please call our office.  We are always happy to help.