Tiffany – RDA, Financial Business and Office Manager

TiffanyTiffany has worked with many dentists in the other dental clinic shortly after graduating with highest honor from the Texas School of Business. We are delighted to have her joined the U9 Dental staff since opening. Tiffany strives to make patients at U9 Dental feel welcome, comfortable, and happy. Patients are illuminated by her warm smile, good heart, and compassion for humanity. These characteristics allow her to thrive among the staffs and the doctors at U9 Dental in an effort to make a difference in a person’s life. She appreciates being part of the process of transforming one’s smile. “It’s unbelievable how much of a difference a wonderful smile can influence one’s life, boost one’s self esteem, and ultimately, improve one’s confidence.” Tiffany was dental assistant for many years, and being promoted to the office manager in 2012. Tiffany will assist your financial planning and arrangements to obtain your desired smile through our affordable quality care. Working with such a talented staff and seeing how the quality care provided by U9 Dental transcends into so many other aspects of our patients’ lives is Tiffany’s biggest reward.

Tiffany speaks both English and Vietnamese, and as a result, she is always ecstatic to use her bilingual and communication skills to further assist patients and cater to their specific needs. Tiffany loves to enjoy time with her husband and daughter. She also enjoys culinary arts like cooking and baking.

Yen- RDA, Business & Financial Assistant

When calling the U9 Dental office, Yen’s cheerful voice is one of the first voices you will hear on the phone, and her smiling face is one of the first you’ll see when you enter. Friendly, kind, and highly motivated, she strives to ensure that you feel welcomed and comfortable. Yen has many skills; she works as the treatment coordinator, scheduling coordinator, and dental assistant. Not only can she assist you in the front of the office but she can also assist the doctors during all the procedures and help to explain and discuss chair side assisting. Yen’s organizational skills and motivation to help other offers patients a stress-free experience in scheduling and handling insurance related paperwork. Yen is amazing at providing comfortable financial arrangements for every patient at U9 Dental. Just like other staff at U9 Dental, she loves interacting with patients and helping patients achieve the smiles they deserve. She speaks both English and Vietmanese.

When Yen is not work, she enjoys spending her free time with her family with adorable son Carter, and her two dogs: Baily and Benny. Yen is ecstatic to join the U9 Dental team and can’t wait to meet the smiling patients!